Pumpkin the cat here.  Today I was hanging out at home, Dungeness Barn House B&B, when a friend came to visit and brought a gift.  I was sure it would be catnip for me, but it was way to big.  Fee, the B&B dog, was sure it was a big bone for him.  We were both wrong but so happy to see that it was instead a gift for Clare and Su, our humans.

A friend made a quilt wall hanging to honor the move our humans, and Fee,  made here a little over a year ago.  I heard our friend say that she just hadn’t had a lot of time to sew until last few months.  Personally, I’m really sad because the shiny beads on it look like they would be SOOO fun to play with.  But with it up on the wall it’s gonna be difficult for me to reach them.  That doesn’t mean I won’t try.  Naw, I ‘d rather sit in Clare or Su’s laps.