When you visit Dungenss Barn House B&B there is so much to see and do in the area, but ….  There is a lot to see right at the B&B.  Clare and Su have so many interesting antique and repurposed pieces of furniture.  But what is a favorite with so many are the little treasures of art scattered around the Barn House.  Some have interesting stories, some are just too darling to NOT have, and still others probably have a story but it’s too long for this blog.  You can always ask us about what you see when you are staying with us.

Here’s a sampling.  Beginning with a new arrival to honor our most recent adventure of raising chickens / eggs.  This is our chicken mascot. 



A lovely 3-demential art piece named Sea Goddess is located upstairs in the Great Room near the fireplace.  Clare is the artist and it is one of those pieces of art that you really must see up close to appreciate all of the detail involved.

One of the wonderful things about this B&B for many guests is the waterfront location. IMG_0889The sea is a calming, soothing place.  You can hear it rolling in and out; you can visit it via our beach access.  So it’s appropriate that there be several forms of art honoring the sea.  One is ceramic and sits upon the fireplace mantel in the Dungeness Suite.

Another form of art is the written word and on the very same mantel as the ceramic above you will find one of our favorite story books, “Gift from the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.



And because it’s always good to be looking toward to ‘what’s next’, we had to hang this vintage, re-purposed “cow jumping over the moon” (altho it’s moon has long since been missing) that was a gift from a friend.  She knows that one, or both of us, has a dream of someday adding a miniature cow to our Two Crows Farm family.  The detail in this cow painting is amazing.  She is looking at you as you enter the kitchen where the amazing breakfasts are created.  She knows she’s headed in the right direction!