When we were creating our Skin and Hair Care products we wanted fragrances that represented what we use at the B&B on a daily basis.  There are three we use most and most often.


Mint              Rosemary              Lemon Verbena

We grow them, we dry them, we cook with them, we use them to infuse drinking water and infuse bed sheets.  We use subtle fragrances in a huge variety of ways.   We like the different combinations of these three herbs and we also like all three of them together.

Besides the herbs in our Skin and Hair Care products we use Neroli.  Neroli is a fragrance that is made up of patchouli, rosemary and other herbs.  It adds a very subtle floral fragrance that enhances the herbal elements.

IMG_1461One aspect we love is that our local Skin and Hair Care product maker uses no preservatives and no wax; all organic.


We began to also sell the Skin and Hair Care products that we use at our B&B as “TAKE AWAYS” so that you, our guests, can enjoy them not only while you stay wIMG_1684ith us, but also back at home, on the rest of your vacation, or to give as gifts to others.  Sharing is so much better than just trying to describe a great fragrance or sensation, isn’t it.



We offer two different sizes of bath salts.




And to top it all off, a smooth lotion

that is devine…. Enjoy!




So just as an example, here are a few of the benefits of just one herb we use; mint. 

Skin is benefited by mint as an antiseptic, a soother, and as an anti-itch remedy for things like bug bites and irritations.  The cooling sensation of mint helps reduce irritations and therefore our desire to “scratch the itch”.  Mint’s anti-inflammitory  properties can bring down swelling.  BUT don’t ever use mint around the eyes and if you use mint in the form of pure essential oil it is best to dilute this with another mild form of oil like almond oil.

Mint has benefits for digestion and is also a palate cleanser. Mint soothes the stomach (mint tea), the aroma activates the salivary glands in our mouth and helps our digestive enzymes get busy.  So you can see why mint is a great herb to infuse in drinking water.

Mint also helps with fatigue and headache relief because it’s a natural stimulant and can help when feeling sluggish, anxious, depressed, exhausted,…  Simply smelling mint can help charge your tired battery and boost brain function back to your normal level.   No, mint won’t make you a genius.  Sorry.   Maybe that’s why there are so many chewing gums in mint flavors?  Get us perked back up and running again.

Mint can also inhibit the release of histamines that can cause allergies, as well as clear some congestions (nose, throat, lungs, etc).


You can look forward to other fragrances in the near future and more information on the benefits of the complementary herbs we use in our lovely products!