I told you that I was working on a new technique for gathering “Info by Pumpkin” for you;  fun things to do while you’re a guest at the Dungeness Barnhouse Bed and Breakfast.  Well, it was way easier to learn than I could have ever imagined.  And its great for rainy, cool, or overcast days since it takes place in the warmth of Clare and Su’s apartment.  And even better yet, on the lap of Clare, next to the warm Mac.  Or sometimes ON the warm Mac.  I think I can get tons of great ideas to share with you just by watching to see what Clare and Su look at on the Mac.  I know that lots of these things they also share with guests when they are here, but I figured some of you might want to know what’s happening ahead of time so you can plan your trip to catch the things you enjoy most.  We’ll be talking about all sorts of things now that I’ve discovered the world wide web of Clare’s lap.  My world has just gotten so much bigger.

So here’s the coolest thing I learned today: there is a wonderful music festival that runs from June 27 thru Sept 13, 2015 just east of Sequim.  The concert are on Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm and run approximatly 2 hours with a 20 minute intermission.  Get ticket information, prices and general info online or by phone (360-732-4800).  Clare and Su said that the Seattle Times article called it “music-making of the highest possible caliber”.