Art work by Brooke Kettel Griffin

Some of you have heard either Clare or Su tell the story of how they ended up as owners/stewards of the Dungeness Barn House B&B, or perhaps you’ve read it on their website.

See below for what I consider to be the main stay of their 20-year-long B&B story. Please allow me, their friend, to tell you through the spirit of a B&B recipe.


Recipe for Manifestation

Mix equal parts of:

high octane desire

deepest imagination

clarity of vision

creativity up the wazzu

willingness to work hard

eagerness balanced with patience

fullest faith and total belief in the desired outcome

absolute knowing it will happen


Once well mixed:

visualize only THIS new reality

speak of this as if it IS happening already

allow for the right time to FIND YOU and invite you to your REALITY MANIFESTED

let go of what doesn’t feel quite right since it is probably a distraction or a way to bide time UNTIL …

grab what seems like that glimmer of hope and hanging on for the ride of your life, no matter what


What Money is to Go Fund Me, 

Belief is to Manifestation





What to do with a now real manifestation = present = part 2

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