In September 2014 we had nine days to clean, spackle, paint, move in furniture, decorate, fill the kitchen with wonderful ingredients and our favorite recipes, then re-open the doors to the Dungeness Barn House B&B. Reservations wait for no one and nothing.

For a year and a half we prepared for the move to the Dungeness Barn House. Now it is absolutely surreal to realize we have finally made it here after 20 years of loving this property from afar. Our dream of being the stewards of this property is a reality.  But there was so much more to it than wishing and hoping.

Thanks to an amazing moving company and even more amazing friends, we were able to accomplish all of this. I will never forget those nine days and the feelings are still strong.

It was a huge gift to work so hard with such amazing friends who were excited for us and unbelievably supportive in every way. Really good friends hold on to us, lift us up when we need it, feed us when we are hungry, and tuck us in when we are tired.

When it comes to our B&B guests the same applies. We serve you lovingly prepared food, give you a wonderfully peaceful place to rest, sleep and stroll which helps to send you off in the direction of YOUR dreams.

For 20 years this is the service that our hearts wanted to provide.  Some things are just a part of us, a deep part of who we are. Some times, even way before we even understand it ourselves.  But upon reflection, reflection of how it FEELS, we always knew this is what we were meant to do; to be doing.  Doing right now. And it feels so good.  Even when it’s a lot of hard work and long days, it still feels so good to be doing what we KNOW we were meant to do. In a location this lovely and with such warmth.

Thanks to all of you who have joined us here at the Dungeness Barn House B&B, or have come back to see us again, or let us celebrate moments of your life with you.  We honor you, our new friends, and all that you share on this journey we take together.

These kinds of experiences over the past two years have literally changed me. On so many levels I feel like a new person, or what I really mean is that I feel like my truest self has emerged.  That’s what happens when we hold tight to what we want in our lives.