Not all Lavender is created equal.  Meaning that not all Lavender can be used in foods and beverages.  For our B&B-shared recipes please be sure to use Culinary Lavender. There are a few different Lavenders that will work but my most successful foods and beverages have come from using Royal Velvet or Hidcote Blue.  I like Culinary Lavender so much that I always have at least one plant in my yard, from which I can harvest fresh buds for in-season cooking and baking THEN utilize the remaining Lavender buds to dry for off-season divine food creations.  Culinary Lavender has great flavor plus it holds it’s bright color.  


Lavender doesn’t have to be in rows, on mounds, or just at lavender farms.  I love placing my Culinary Lavender IN my mixed flower beds, as boarders, and surround it (but not too closely) with annuals, perennials, and evergreen plants (Sarcococca).  In the photo above I’ve created a foundational carpet of bright green and yellow with Creeping Jenny.   Off to the sides of the Hidcot Blue Lavender I’ve installed a variety of different colored ornamental grasses; some spiked (Japanese Blood Grass on right) and some flowing and draping (on left).  I love pops of white and yellow (Fever Few, short and tall poppies) in beds where I have planted dark and rich colors like those of the Lavender plants and my other blue/purple plantings (dwarf iris, Walkers Low cat mint, Veronica, Blue Panda, Pansies, etc).  If well planned, those things surrounding your Culinary Lavender will be in their glory about a month before your Lavender.  Then those plants nearest your Lavender can be cut back to allow room for your lavender to expand in June and July.  Then after cutting your bounty of Culinary Lavender in July there will be room for some of the other plants to expand again and get closer to the neatly mounded Lavender plant that is finished until next year. 

Enjoy your yard and try some Culinary Lavender soon.  

If you prefer, purchase pre-packaged Culinary Lavender at any of the Lavender farms or stores in Sequim or online.