So much has been happening at the Dungeness Barn House Bed & Breakfast at Two Crows Farm in the last few weeks!  I just HAVE to share it all with y’all.  A bunch of friends all shared a load of reclaimed, aged, corrugated tin from an old barn and each household is using it in different ways.  Some are using it for wind breaks, others for fire pit surrounds, and WE used ours for the new raised veggie beds.  We have LOTS of beds ’cause we feed a lot of guests with our wonderful home grown produce.  Just wait until the green house tomatoes are ripe, yum!   The greenhouse got a face lift this year too so it is already full of plantings too.  A few times our friend Kim came to help with the raised veggie bed construction and I know her time and skills were very appreciated.  Even when Clare and Su have helpers, they sure are all hard workers,.  But I like that since they come in at night ready to sit down or lay down and that’s my prime lap time, tee hee!