It is all wrapped up in a little

Dungeness Barn House B&B bag,

but it’s what’s inside that matters most. YUM!













I love to use Rainbow Rub when making our Breakfast Avacodo Stack.  I will share that recipe in a later blog.  It includes sauteed vegetable that I season with this rub.  I also use it with smoked salmon.



sequim salmon

Is there anything better on Salmon than Lemon and Dill?  Rhetorical question,  but YES!  Add in some herbs like Parsley and Chives, and more Lemon!  

Essence of Sequim

Since Fennel is one of my favorite flavors and scents, I love this one.  And how can Fennel be made even better?  By adding Garlic of course!!!  Isn’t everything better with Garlic; another rhetorical question.  A great blend to utilize on everything from fish to veggies.  And just enough Lavender to know it’s from Sequim.



culinary lavender

Be sure to see our two recent recipe blogs for Pink Lavender Lemonade and Lavender Ice Cream.  



garnishment of garlic

I never cook an egg that I do not add just the smallest pinch of this.  It is also great with anything you would add garlic to.  There is just a touch of heat from the red pepper flakes.  It is so mild you get the flavor without the burn.




smokey sea salt

Our famous Rosemary Roasted Potatoes which we serve for breakfast are slated with this heavenly blend.  I also use a sprinkling on our fresh heirloom tomatoes from the greenhouse.  Thinly sliced and topped with fresh chopped basil.  Great way to start the morning.



black lavender pepper

This Black Lavender Pepper is great in an egg scamble.  I love to use it to make an herb butter that brings any toast to a whole new level.  It is also great on salmon and chicken.


TAKE AWAY a bag of herbs and spice!