What’s  YOUR  TAKE  AWAY  from the time you spend at our B&B.

What's YOUR TAKE AWAY from the time you spend at our B&B.


Many of you have eaten, and gone home with, our Dungeness Barn House Granola which is often a part of our farm breakfast.  We have expanded our line of Dungeness Barn House B&B products for sale to include many other foods and gifts.


Dungeness Barn House B&B Granola x2

Dungeness Barn House B&B Granola made by Clare and Su, your hosts/owners.

There are many choices in our new offerings of  YOUR  TAKE  AWAYs  including our wonderful Fruit Spreads and Honey.  Many of these new products are served to our guests during their Dungeness Barn House B&B Farm Breakfast.  Local crafters and artisans have created these items and packaged them specifically for our use.





Apple Cider Spread, Blueberry Lime Spread, and Strawberry Rhubarb Spread.  YUM!

apple cider butter



blueberry lime spread



strawberry rhubarb spread







Honey in three fabulous flavors: Wildflower, Raspberry Blossom, and Meadowfoam.

honey flavors frontal



honey flavors lids


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Soon:  Herb and Spice Variety Pack (more on this in one of our up coming blogs!).