Pumpkin the B&B cat here again. Today I find myself especially drawn to the funny little birds that fly like helicopters. Their landing pad seems to be anything with a red bottle attached. Hum. Maybe that’s like me and my desire to sit and stare at the pretty small blue butterflies that are everywhere right now. I love their movements. They are in and out of the lavender plants, they match the delicate blue flowers on the thyme plants, and land on the clover. You know a cat’s eyes and brains are all about tracking movement. Which is how I know where you are when you’re walk around the gardens at the Dungeness Barn House Bed and Breakfast and when the neighborhood folks are out for their daily walk near my fence. Oh, I digress. Cats do that often you know. Especially if there is a sunny spot involved.

bird1Anyway, what was I saying, oh yes, the helicopter birds. I think you people call them Humming Birds. Well I heard some of our B&B guests talking today and they said that they loved watching them here. There are two special and different varieties here on the Olympic Peninsula right now. Newest arrivals are the Rufus. But we are so lucky to have Anna’s humming birds here the in winter also. I love watching them visit the many, many lilac bushes at our B&B, as well as later this year they will visit salvia, sage, lavender, and fuchsia plants. I am entertained for hours watching them defend  their feeding areas from other humming birds. They can move so fast. I love the sounds that they make and you can learn more about them and listen to samples of their sounds on the website links below. (chase call: zeee, zeee, zeee-chuppity-chuppity-chup and chip)


Well, the sun has moved around the corner and blocked my beloved rays. I’ll be moving on to the back yard and see happening what’s up there now.

See ya later, zoom zoom.