Pond Takes On New Life









Beginning last summer, we enlisted the help of the pond experts at Full Spectrum Landscaping, to do maintenance and a rebuild for our B&B pond.  Owners Brian and Nick had great ideas and were so easy to work with on this project.  


We now have a new pond liner, additional fish, new plantings, did some transplanting and the waterfall is beautiful!  The water lilies may take a while to re-establish, but until then it is wonderful to watch the water reflect like a wavy mirror as the fish meander.







The next time you come to stay at the B&B make an appointment with this living, breathing beauty.  There are plenty of spots to sit either in the sun or the shade.





Mandala Drawing Retreat Sunday March 19th




We enjoyed hosting a book signing for Ruth Marcus in December.  Ruth will be our instructor for a Mandala Drawing Retreat on Sunday, March 19, 2017.  We are excited to have her facilitate and teach this ancient technique and are honored that it will take place at our Dungeness Barn House B&B.  

Ruth’s own story is full and memorable, as will be each of our individual experiences learning about and drawing a mandala.


Book one or two nights stay at the Dungeness Barn House and save $50 on the Mandala Retreat.  Contact the Dungeness Barn House for details.

To learn more about the retreat, Ruth, and the evening’s events, visit our website’s EVENTS page and click on Mandala Drawing Retreat.

 Space limited to 12 participants.  Register early.



Book one or two nights stay at the Dungeness Barn House and save $50 on the Mandala Retreat.  Contact the Dungeness Barn House for details.


Clare Monnin, Su Ferronato,Owners
Cell: 360-670-9122
Phone: 360-582-1663
Address: 42 Marine Drive, Sequim, WA 98382


Happy Holidays


Holiday 2016One of the many things we love to do is decorate the Dungeness Barn House Bed and Breakfast for holidays and the change of seasons.


Putting up a nice tall tree is a must this time of year and we enjoy making homemade ornaments and trimmings.  Since we are located on the waterfront, nautically themed items felt appropriate.

There are folded sail boats made of jute and old sheet music, starfish, shells, flags and an assortment of differently shaped and sized ornamental balls.




img_2690-1And of course it took some added ‘nutrition’ to accomplish all of this creativity.  What seemed most appealing was a few homemade and hand-decorated cut-out cookies.  Then we could sit back and enjoy the results of our personal expression of this season.

Bright lights inside and outside, warm soft colors of the season, the happiness it will bring to all those who come to share our special space.

img_2685ecial space.

Yoga to begin your stay!

Enjoy a yogic experience at the Dungeness Barn House B&B; what a great way to begin your stay!

Sitting takes its toll whether in a car or not.  Driving even more so.  The guided yoga session at the Dungeness Barn House B&B can physically help to increase blood flow and mentally allow your mind to relax.  The goal is to feel good.


Put thoughts of the trip aside and let go of any other burdens if only for the time spent in the Dungeness Barn House B&B meditation loft overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca and lovely gardens.  Yoga helps you exercise from the inside out with time-tested movements and sequencing and guided visualizations.

images-6Let’s not forget the breath.  Learn or validate proper breathing and practice “moving with the breath” with simple movements performed with total attention.  When the breath and the body and the mind come together, that is Yoga.  Experience Asana (posture) sequences as the gift you can give yourself.  Namaste.


Yoga practitioner is nationally certified and reputable.

1-2 people              75 minutes           $95.00

Must be able to climb a short flight of stairs.

Couples yoga, Private yoga, Ayurveda, and Guided Meditation available.

See more about our yoga offering on our website under events and packages or call 360-582-1663 to schedule your session with your reservation.

Picking with Persnickety’s:  Secrets of Sequim

This is a re-purposed blog from our friend, Mandi, who owns a great shop named Persnickety’s in Sumner WA.  We are such kindred spirits.  She sells “modern vintage furniture, handcrafted goodness, unique finds”.   This is a wonderful blog she created  after her last visit with us  here at the Dungeness Barn House B&B.  It’s so fun to see and read what about our little town of Sequim excites our guests.  Especially guests who share our love of refurbishing, antiques, and just a lifestyle full of style. Read on….. or click here to view it on her Persnickety’s website.

It’s a question we get asked a LOT here at the shop, and the answer (while truthful) is generally pretty vague.  The answer?  All over.  It’s a full time job.  And that is true. I don’t do much online anymore, no craigslist, very very few online garage sale groups.  Too many folks doing that and I don’t want the stuff everyone else has seen, ya know?  There are a few go-to places in Oregon I have told you about but other than that, it’s a “get in the car and go” kind of gamble and a girl has to have some secrets.  But I am ready to spill on another secret and share the latest trip, because it was awesome.

I brought Mama P along and we hopped into the car on a rainy day.  We drove west from Sumner across the Narrows bridge.


And then we continued over the Hood Canal Bridge.

On our way to the treasure that is Sequim (“skwim”).
Sequim is less than two hours from home on the Strait of Juan de Fuca and is located in the rain shadow of the Olympic mountains, which means it averages about the same rainfall as Los Angeles on a good year.  For example, it was pouring at home, but cloudy with bits of sun the whole time we were on our trip.  It was there that we found a treasure trove of good junk in a gorgeous little town (on the water) AND we stayed in the most gorgeous converted barn, where we were served gourmet food.  YUM.
I have to tell you about it.  You have got to get to Sequim.  More importantly, you have got to get to here:
Please forgive me while I gush about it and share with you the glory of this magical place.

So, say you had dreams your whole life of living in a place that is just like this…on the water…

…with your own private beach access and the perfect place to watch a sunset…

…but along with that… is green, lush, and rural…

…full of history and cool old stuff to see…
AND your house was AN OLD CONVERTED BARN surrounded by lavender fields!
I mean! Come on!!!!
These Sequimians have got it made!
 Inside that place? Warmth & light, the most lovely folks, and laughter.
Mama P and Clare, innkeeper extraordinaire.
So many beautiful things to see inside
And crazy gorgeous views from every single window (I checked).

Where even the vegetable and herb gardens are eye-candy.
And the grounds look like something out of a storybook.
And the FOOD is everything. And prepared with all locally sourced natural ingredients.
And the company could not have been better.
Because nothing would be perfect without the world’s cutest dog, they have him too.
This is Fee, and I love him.
So you find this magical place, and you meet the magical people that run this place and you fall head over heels in love with their place and with them, and they are into antiques and junk too, and it is just this perfect meeting of kismet proportions.
This does not happen to me.  Like, ever.  I stay away from bed and breakfasts.  I like my privacy.  I like to sleep in.  I don’t want to talk to people in the morning.  I need a TV. And Wi-Fi.  They have TV’s in the rooms.  Free Wi-Fi.  You can choose when you are served breakfast.  Plenty of privacy.  And the people?  I would talk to them all day, every day!
There are two king suites and we got to experience them both, as well as two additional cozy rooms.   The beds are the most comfortable in life and I am not even kidding you right now.  You can rent out the entire inn for family stuff and retreats.  I intend to do both, because I am hooked.
Ok let me shake out of my Dungeness Barn House Bed and Breakfast daydreamy haze to talk to you now about the junking in this town.
In the center of town and really packed to the gills inside and out with AMAZING finds and super amazing prices.  I would move here just to see what they brought in every day.  It’s real good.  This one is in Sequim and there is one in Port Angeles as well.  We definitely recommend the one in Sequim.  I love this place extra because they are a local charity that actually helps those in their community of Clallam County with tangible goods and services.  A Goodwill moved in across the street and we checked that out too but, junkers, Serenity is where it is at.
Another favorite though, was this place. Around Again.  It is right outside of town and they believe, like we do, that waste can be a huge resource.  Don’t be fooled by all of the old exercise equipment out front and make sure to find all of the nooks and crannies inside the store and in the sizable back area.  The stuff we can’t seem to find anywhere?  It is here. And the prices are, again, rad. They are a not-for-profit as well, and support their community in a lot of amazing ways.
They also have employed the BEST dude in all the land.
This bearded fellow, along with his blurry (sorry about that) coworker, defied all normal logic and saw the potential for fitting a 80 jillion pound, giant farm scale in an already filled rig.
Mama P looked like this when I was like:  IT’LL FIT, I KNOW IT.
The bearded fellow above agreed and measured and made. it. happen.  Bearded fellow, you are my hero!  Not to be missed: Re-Creations, which is right on the same property as Around Again.  There is also a drive up coffee joint on the property.  Which basically means you can just live there forever.
Also in town, a bevy of infrequently open antiques stores and lots of sweet lavender farms and home decor stores and garden shops of all kinds.
Great food too, although this one wanted to go to one place and one place only.
And I have to agree, it had moments of greatness.  Dungeness crab grilled cheese sandwich? Uh yeah.  Homemade Mississippi Mud Pie?  Totally.  And they have the good ice.  You know what I mean by ” the good ice”, right?
The ice all drinks should be cooled by.
Now, for the rest of your picking and junking adventure in the Sequim area you first will need coffee.
Then hit all of the goodness up the road about 20 minutes in Port Angeles.  We hit Habitat for Humanity, Serenity Thrift, Brocante , and the place next door (um, don’t know the name. It’s big, but way out of my price range).
Brocante won for coolest and best prices but for as big as Port Angeles is, we found a ton more in Sequim in just a few key places.
It has been two years since Mama P and I took a trip just the two of us.
We see each other at least three days a week at the shop but neither of us could remember the last time we had done something just us.
I love that we love so many of the same things and let me tell you that long drives are great for conversation for those of us that don’t do a lot of deep talking. Ahem, cough. Mom.
I sure do love that Mom. She and Dad found the secret of Sequim, I give them all the credit for that and for finding the Dungeness Barn House.
Clare and Sue, the innkeepers, are part of the family now too, and I already miss them.
It’s almost odd, really, when you meet people and instantly adore them. You can feel the true essence of their goodness exude in every thing they touch and everything they do.
And definitely everything they cook in that kitchen! Dang!
Thank you Clare and Sue (and Fee) for making our trip so amazing.
Sure we found a truckload of good stuff in Sequim to bring home but thanks to ya’ll and the beauty of the barn house we found a whole lot more than that.
Thanks, ladies, for the reminder.
all content and photos property of Persnickety’s/Mandi Smith 6/9/15

It takes a ViLLage.

In September 2014 we had nine days to clean, spackle, paint, move in furniture, decorate, fill the kitchen with wonderful ingredients and our favorite recipes, then re-open the doors to the Dungeness Barn House B&B. Reservations wait for no one and nothing.

For a year and a half we prepared for the move to the Dungeness Barn House. Now it is absolutely surreal to realize we have finally made it here after 20 years of loving this property from afar. Our dream of being the stewards of this property is a reality.  But there was so much more to it than wishing and hoping.

Thanks to an amazing moving company and even more amazing friends, we were able to accomplish all of this. I will never forget those nine days and the feelings are still strong.

It was a huge gift to work so hard with such amazing friends who were excited for us and unbelievably supportive in every way. Really good friends hold on to us, lift us up when we need it, feed us when we are hungry, and tuck us in when we are tired.

When it comes to our B&B guests the same applies. We serve you lovingly prepared food, give you a wonderfully peaceful place to rest, sleep and stroll which helps to send you off in the direction of YOUR dreams.

For 20 years this is the service that our hearts wanted to provide.  Some things are just a part of us, a deep part of who we are. Some times, even way before we even understand it ourselves.  But upon reflection, reflection of how it FEELS, we always knew this is what we were meant to do; to be doing.  Doing right now. And it feels so good.  Even when it’s a lot of hard work and long days, it still feels so good to be doing what we KNOW we were meant to do. In a location this lovely and with such warmth.

Thanks to all of you who have joined us here at the Dungeness Barn House B&B, or have come back to see us again, or let us celebrate moments of your life with you.  We honor you, our new friends, and all that you share on this journey we take together.

These kinds of experiences over the past two years have literally changed me. On so many levels I feel like a new person, or what I really mean is that I feel like my truest self has emerged.  That’s what happens when we hold tight to what we want in our lives.