About Us

New Owners History

We are Clare and Su, the new owners of “The Dungeness Barn House Bed and Breakfast”, located in Sequim WA. And how, you ask, did this event take place and why? Well here’s our story:

We had been looking for about 20 years for the perfect spot. We’d looked at everything from the Hood Canal Bridge area to the west end as far as Forks and everything in between. We saw some beautiful locations; some might even have worked, but they just weren’t the right one for some reason.

We’d even looked at the Barn House during our search, although it wasn’t a B & B just yet. Berta, the previous owner, was looking to sell as she had just lost her husband. We were crazy for the place then, but we were scared we couldn’t afford it and even if we could, we needed to sell two properties. We walked away disappointed but always felt like it would be the perfect place. We found out later that Berta decided not to sell and took it off the market.

After several years past, we’d heard from a mutual friend that Berta was looking to sell again. So we contacted her and met to discuss options. She had converted the Barn House into a B & B about 5 years prior and just couldn’t do it all by herself any longer. Having lost another wonderful partner she felt it was time to move on.

Even before a For Sale sign could be installed, Berta had some folks coming out from Seattle to look at the place and they even made her an offer. But she called us a couple of days later and told us that she would wait for us to sell our properties, as she felt strongly that we were meant to be here. We knew the time was right, as things just don’t happen like this in real life.

So, we quit our jobs and immediately put both our properties on the market and hoped that it wouldn’t take long to sell. But the market was slow and even though we sold one property fairly quickly the other took almost 2 years. Berta never wavered, she hung in there with us knowing we were serious. Clare worked for her to help out and so she could learn the ropes.

When things finally sold, we had 9 days to get moved in and as Clare likes to say, be “showtime ready”. Thankfully we have the most amazing friends, who all pitched in, painting, cleaning, landscaping and trying to get organized before our first guest arrived. How we made it, we don’t know, but we did. And although we are still making changes on a daily basis we feel we can offer our guests a very unique experience and share the love that radiates from here.

We feel very honored to be the next stewards of this property and be able to share it with those who choose to come visit.

Clare and Su