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Labor Day Weekend ArTfusion

Pumpkin the B&B cat here. I know we just had the opener of summer, otherwise known as Memorial Day Weekend, but….   I was sitting on Clare’s lap (I know, AGAIN) while she was taking care of some reservations and

New Raised Veggie Beds

So much has been happening at the Dungeness Barn House Bed & Breakfast at Two Crows Farm in the last few weeks!  I just HAVE to share it all with y’all.  A bunch of friends all shared a load of reclaimed,

Olympic Music Festival

I told you that I was working on a new technique for gathering “Info by Pumpkin” for you;  fun things to do while you’re a guest at the Dungeness Barnhouse Bed and Breakfast.  Well, it was way easier to learn than

Now open on Saturdays: Sequim Farmers Market

Hi, it’s me again, Pumpkin the Dungeness Barn House Bed & Breakfast cat.  I’m here for another installment on our Blog to tell you some very exciting news.  You already know that I gather most of my information by listening and

Fee, the “Official” greeter

I’m just here scratching my thoughts in the earth for the day.  It’s been a busy one here at the Farm.  My mom’s are working hard…one’s painting my “Special Comfee Room” in the B & B, and the other is

Pumpkin and the helicopter birds

  Pumpkin the B&B cat here again. Today I find myself especially drawn to the funny little birds that fly like helicopters. Their landing pad seems to be anything with a red bottle attached. Hum. Maybe that’s like me and my

Pumpkin the Cat Blog

Pumpkin the B&B cat here. Well, not to be out-shined by my dear friend Fee, the dog of Dungeness Barn House Bed and Breakfast at Two Crows Farm, I too have a few things to share. One thing you might want